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Building Meaningful Visions

Our Services

Take the leap from vision to project. Establish fresh revenue streams, expand to new markets, or optimise operations. Get actionable advice on challenges holding you back. Create the fulfilling business you've always wanted.

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Wellness business solutions to suit your unique needs


Startup Consultations

Whether you want to create a coaching business, online platform, or a retreat centre, this is the start of turning your dream into a reality. We support you in defining your vision, mission, and philosophy, understanding your market and competitors, and framing your brand and positioning, so that you can take the next crucial steps to success.


Program Design

Want to create innovative new experiences or overhaul your existing programs? Do you see a gap that needs filling but need help sketching out the details? We specialise in developing world renowned programs based on evidence-based modalities and contemplative approaches that your clients will love.


Project Building Roadmap

Feel confident with 13+ years of experience in project management. We help you prepare budgets, business plans, and proposals, devise realistic project timelines, put together the best team for the job, set up necessary legal and financial structures, obtain required licences and permits, and reach your goals.


Retreat Organisation

Got a great idea for a retreat but need help with the logistics and marketing? We've had years of experience running dozens of retreats. We'll help you find a suitable venue, connect with facilitators, design schedules and menus, reach your target clientele, administer bookings and payments, and create a successful event for all.


Viability Assessment

Does your project have what it takes to be financially successful? What are the risks...and rewards? This preliminary financial analysis covers the essentials including income statements, balance sheets, profitability and expense forecasts, cash flow assessments, and ratio analyses - so you know exactly where you stand going forward.


Marketing & Outreach

You're offering a great program, experience, service, or project and we want to help you get it out there. We'll help you design and implement a marketing and outreach plan with a combination of tools and strategies including digital marketing, impactful PR, social media campaigns, and our extensive international network.


Management Roadmap

Make sure your business performs at its best. Design your own package based on your needs. Services include program management, bookings & admissions, sales & payments, HR & recruitment, CRM & customer journey, digital workspace, KPI & success metrics, feedback & surveys, database management, and food & hospitality.


Business Consultations

Looking for help with something you can't find on this page? Is your project highly specialised or have unique requirements? Book a one-on-one consultation session drawing on one of our areas of expertise. 30, 60, or 90-minute sessions and different package sizes available. Special rates for startups and nonprofit organisations.

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